James Harper,

Spencer has helped us double our turnover and team in the last 18 months. He has the best experience for our engagement, and he genuinely wants us to be successful. Spencer provides a combination of trust, knowledge, and genuine desire to help his clients succeed.

Rebecca Lewis Smith,

Thanks to Spencer’s efforts the turnover at Fountain Partnership has multiplied 600 percent in the past three years. Having Spencer on our Board means that we have a sounding board with a wealth of extremely indepth knowledge and experience.

Simon Harmer,

My agency wouldn’t be where it is today without Spencer.  I met him when we had 7–8 people and now we have over 20 so, in terms of growth he was exactly the type of advisor I looking for — he’s been fantastic.

The Book

Spencer has suffered all the pain and successes that growing
an agency has at every stage, from start-up to successful exit.

Spencer left home at 16 with no qualifications. He started his
agency from a purple shed in his late mum’s back garden after
being made redundant with just one month’s salary in the bank
£4,500 and ended up running a top 8 UK based $20m global
digital agency. The digital business was integrated into the
group company, and I then became VP for digital for the $100m
global Agency. The key has been grit and determination to
overcome a fear of failure.

Spencer learnt 10% of what he knows today, having organically
scaled an agency, the other 90% has come from helping over
1,000 agencies as a market-leading consultancy with their
challenges over the past 10 years.

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